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Grape Varieties


Red grape variety that takes its name from its early (temprana) ripening, which normally occurs towards the end of September.

Known as Cencibel in Castilla la Mancha and Madrid, Tinto Fino and Tinta del País in Castilla and León, and Ull de Llebre in Catalonia, it is the superstar of the denomination.

It produces high quality, well-balanced and aromatic wines of average acidity and alcohol content, and with good structure.

The ideal soils for its cultivation are limy soils rich in calcium.


Red grape variety.This is the most highly prized variety of the region, being very rich in colorants and yielding very fine red and rosé wines. It is used by all the best wineries in the Ribera del Jucar D.O.

The wines produced from Bobal are typically an intense deep cherry colour with garnet-purple hints, with a light herbaceous nose and marked tannins and acidity on the palate.It also produces fine fruity rosés with a clean flavour.

Recently, trials have been made of its ageing capacity, with surprising results, especially in wines made from very old vines.



Red grape variety.A variety originating in the Medoc (Bordeaux), it has been planted in our vineyards for over a decade.

Its small berries and thick skins yield elegant, rich and sensuous wines.

The basic aromas are of black pepper, black olives, allspice, tobacco, cedar, coconut, dark chocolate and graphite.

On the palate, Cabernet-Sauvignon produces flavours of pine, cedar, graphite, dark chocolate and black olives.The after-taste yields profound, complex aromas with a smooth finish and good structure when mature.


Red grape variety.The berries are of average size, elliptical and blue-black in colour.The yield must be very low to produce good quality wines.

It produces well structured, long-lived wines that stand up well to ageing in wood.

The wines possess aromas of black olives, tar, smoked meats and violets.




Red grape variety.The berries are larger than those of Cabernet, with thinner skins.

Merlot produces aromatic wines that age well, though not as well as its rival Cabernet, as they are less intense, have smoother tannins and mature sooner.

The most remarked aromas are of plums, chocolate, bitter oranges and balsam.




White grape variety.This variety is perfectly adapted to the tough arid climate of La Mancha with its strong resistance to drought and disease.

It produces interesting wines from very old vines with low yields, using vinification techniques such as skin and carbonic maceration.

The wines are typically a pale colour with a yellow iridescence, with notes of ripe fruits (banana, pineapple or grapefruit) on the nose and, despite lacking a little acidity, flavoursome and pleasant on the palate.The best wines have a fresh aroma of roses and a balanced, elegant flavour that does not result in a finish with false notes.



White grape variety.The raceme is large, compact and yellowish-green in colour, with average sized grapes yielding a colourless, sweet juice with balanced sugar and body.

It produces straw-coloured, somewhat astringent wines, rich in alcohol and with high acidity and fruity aromas.The wine matures slowly, making it suitable for ageing.When drunk young, the wines are fresh and fruity.

Well adapted to arid climates.


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