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Our History

At the end of the 18th century, Ribera del Jucar's lands were already well known as suitable for cultivating different kinds of wine.

For centuries, people who like to eat well and drink better have satisfied their thirst with our wines, all of them made in the traditional way.

The agricultural co-operative "Cooperativa del Campo "San Ginés"" was founded in 1956 by 36 local pioneers in regional wine growing. Today, the Co-operative "San Ginés" is the most important enterprise in the town of Casas de Benítez.

Our co-operative and vineyards are situated in the south-east of Cuenca province, in the "Júcar Valley", where the Mediterranean weather makes our land ideal for cultivating the best wines.

This location enjoys ideal conditions for wine-growing, on an 800 m. high plateau with winds from the Mediterranean and perfect humidity. Its soil is rich, formed of clay and a boulder cloak, also known as "guijarro". These conditions have earned our wines their own appellation: "D.O. Ribera del Jucar".

In recent years, our co-operative has invested in new planting and at the same time, has revived our local varieties, which have been cultivated here since the time of the Phoenicians. Not only this, but we have introduced the most advanced techniques alongside traditional methods, which result in wines with unique personality and high levels of quality.


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