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Gracias a todos En el XII Premio vinícola internacional MUNDUS VINI 2012, con más de 300 miembros del jurado, provenientes de 46 países desde finales de agosto y hasta principios de septiembre, los miembros del jurado internacional degustaron los vinos participantes.

El nivel fue muy alto según la opinión unánime de los degustadores profesionales.
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A clean, inky/purple colored wine with ruby red hues. Ripe aromas of cherry and cassis with hints of caramel. The finish delivers an excellent balance between oak and fruit on the palate.

From our longest established vineyards situated in the heart of the Júcar valley come the carefully tended grapes that yield the quality wines for which we are recognised.

These vines are vase-trained on a 3m x 3m frame and benefit from the micro-climate produced by the plateau, which has deep soils covered by a layer of pebbles that retains moisture, providing all the water that is needed in a totally natural way.
After careful selection, destemming and pressing of the grapes, the must is transferred through stainless steel pipes to self-emptying vats for maceration and fermentation.

The maceration time is relatively short as we prefer intense natural colours in our winery.

The winery has a fermentation capacity of 10,000,000 litres in vats of different sizes.All the vats ar equipped with refrigeration jackets to control the fermentation temperature.
The winery was established in 1956. Since then, our enologists have chosen to proceed step by step, adding new infrastructures and the latest technology while retaining the traditional methods that give our wines their special character.

San Gines currently has the most up-to-date plant in the region, and the winery is equipped with a range of temperature-controlled self-emptying vats.


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